Volunteering opportunities

If you’d like to do more, we have plenty of tasks to go around. Use the form below to get in touch. 

We are particularly keen to hear from:


The people who organise the estate fun day, the office Christmas do, the local mutual aid group. Life’s organisers. Let’s talk about how we recruit new members of the movement.


The people who’re always darting between a paper and a podcast, who know where the story of our movement should be told. Let’s talk about how to let people know about our movement.

Legends with skills we don’t even know we need yet.

Let’s talk about your ideas.

Visual visionaries

The people with an eye for delightful design and powerful photography. Let’s talk about how to create iconic imagery for our movement.

Culture vultures

The people who know how to tap into what our movement members want to watch, do, listen to and read right now. Let’s talk about how to produce content for our movement that keeps us inspired and moving forward.

Technologists and tinkerers

The people who never find a process they can’t improve. Let’s talk about how to make this movement seamless to join, joyful to live in, addictive to share.


We haven’t had enough of experts! The people who are across all the evidence about what humans need to be happy, healthy and connected - and the best evidence about how to communicate and mobilise action around health. Let’s talk about how we can make sure our collective actions have the biggest possible impact.

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