The National Health Team is a new movement that's here to help members take action to protect and improve the health and wellbeing of everyone in the UK - including themselves.

It belongs to its members  – the optimists who believe it’s possible to build a society where we all know our neighbours and live in green, safe communities. 

A country where we can access parks and playgrounds and where cheap, nutritious food is easy to buy and a joy to eat. 

An economy where we don’t become physically or mentally unwell doing our jobs and the air we breathe is free of pollution that makes us sick.

And a world where science and technology immeasurably improve the quality of our lives.

Unlike a traditional campaign group, we don’t just call on institutions to do things for us – we are committed to playing our part as individuals and in our communities by doing things like Couch to 5K or joining a volunteer scheme to check on elderly neighbours.

And unlike a traditional volunteering group we don’t just provide opportunities for individuals and communities to do good work – we are committed to being active citizens by doing things like signing petitions and writing to the council, so that changes last and include everyone.

Our actions will be a mix of the personal and the political, the local and the national. We steer clear of party politics and polarised positions. We’re building a movement that is inclusive, friendly and fun.

Whatever your background, we’re here to take all the love we’ve shared during the coronavirus crisis and use it to create a happier, healthier, more connected country after the coronavirus crisis. We’re here to turn #ApplauseIntoAction.

Standing Together

In May 2020 the #OurOtherNationalDebt essay collection was published, charting who has made an outsized contribution during this health crisis, or faced outsized challenges. Here are some excerpts if you’d like to learn more:

We believe it’s possible to build a society where health outcomes are fairer and everybody is valued the same regardless of race, disability or class.




Unfortunately the coronavirus crisis has also unleashed an epidemic of fake news and conspiracy theories which are designed to divide us and which ultimately hurt our health. 

That’s why we back this government-backed approach to tackling coronavirus misnformation, from our friends at the Center for Countering Digital Hate. Please, #DontSpreadTheVirus.

Tap-tap, like, share, repeat

It’s our actions, not our intentions, that make us who we are. 

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